The "Bendy Silver" collection of handmade jewellery is a unique range of beautiful and inspirational handcrafted sterling silver pieces. All of the "Bendy Silver" jewellery has been carefeully handcrafted by a professional jewellery designer who has been creating beautiful pieces of jewellery for over 20 years.


Bendy Silver Jewellery - UK Distribution

The "Bendy Silver" jewellery is available in different styles with various semi-precious stones added to complement the silver designs.


No two pieces of this beautiful jewellery is the same, and each piece is a one-off individual item.


The "Bendy Silver" jewellery is available with a number of different colours stones including ....


Green Tourmaline, Moon Stones, Amethyst, Citrine, Red Tourmaline and many others


The jewellery is available with a material cord that can be adjusted to be resized to your specific requirements.

These beautiful handmade pieces of jewellery are ideal for gifts for family, friends and loved ones.


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